Introduction-Digital literacy test

Rating at start of module
Rating at end of module
Accessing, managing and evaluating online information
I feel I am fairly competent at accessing online information, but less skilled at management and evaluation of online material.
Participating in online communities
My online participation is mainly centered around the use of social media sites and online networking platforms.
Building online networks around an area of interest
I have very low experience of building online networks around an area of interest as I primarily access user-created content.
Collaborating with others on shared projects
I have mostly formal experience with collaborating with others, through group presentation work usually as a form of assessment.
Creating online materials (text, audio, images, video)
I have very limited experience of creating online materials, but particularly the creation of images and videos.
Managing your online identity
Although I regularly visit different social networking sites, I rarely update information about my online identity.
Managing your online privacy and security
I try to ensure that my online identity is tightly controlled with high privacy settings.
Q1 Why did you choose the module?
The module looked interesting and is assessed in a unique way unlike anything else I have taken in the past.
 Q2 What in particular do you want to learn from the module?
I want to learn how to blog in a concise and informative way, but also gain key online application skills that future employers may look for.
 Q3 Which degree programme are you studying?
BA Geography
 Q4 Have you studied online before?
No, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to start

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