Topic 1-Reflection

Upon starting the module I knew that I would be presented with a variety of new and interesting challenges.Firstly, the online format of the module is something entirely new to me and coupled with the inexperience I had at blogging it all seemed rather overwhelming initially.however, once I set up my blog and began to to explore the concepts of online systems I was opened up to a digital world that was both insightful and complex.

Considering the topic covered this week of digital residents and visitors, I was given an opportunity to reflect on my own personal position on the digital scale based on my level of engagement with online systems.while I would consider myself a digital resident based on my social online interactions, I feel that I could strengthen my online identity by engaging with a greater number of digital programmes. The improvement to my online identity has already begun however, through using WordPress, I’ve been granted the opportunity to to express values of my personality, while also providing an informative understanding of digital worlds in an academic manner. As I reflect personally in regard to my digital engagements, I am also able to recognise how others members of the module fall on the digital scale, as well as their personal take on the issues presented from topic 1.

After reading and commenting on Rebecca and Jordan’s blog’s respectively, I was given a deeper understanding of some key debates in relation to external influences that promote online interactions, and the issue of possibly being “left behind” if online systems are not adopted. Rebecca mentioned that often people feel pressured in to using digital systems in order to upkeep social ties.In a similar vein, Jordan spoke of the stigma surrounding digital incompetence that many only worsen as technology advances.



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