Topic Two- Reflection

Topic two allowed me to explore the complex dimension of multiple online identities. The concepts surrounding this topic was inevitably going to create a division in opinions and I saw this as a perfect opportunity to engage in discussions with my course peers.

I started a discussion with Rebecca by challenging her views on the use of deceptive online accounts. Rebecca Highlighted that the use of a false online identity shouldn’t attempt to intentionally mislead another user. Initially I agreed with this, however, after some online research I considered the use of police investigators that create fake online profiles in order to catch sexual predators. After presenting this to Rebecca, she replied with a thought-provoking idea that if we deem it acceptable for the police to create fake accounts, then members of the general public may regard fake accounts as justified also. Our deliberations eventually led us to the agreement that intentionally deceptive online profiles should only be used in a controlled manner, such as by law enforcing professionals.

When reading Harriet’s post I noticed a strong emphasis on the use of potential employers that review candidate’s social media profiles as in indicator for employment. Harriet noted that this appeared an unfair exercise by employers who fail to understand multi-dimensional nature of humans. This was something I certainly agreed with and I presented Harriet with a daily mail article that emphasised cases of this injustice. In a similar vein, Carolina made me consider my own online identity, asking if I would be happy to have my online profile reviewed by employers. After some contemplation of my digital self, I suggested that, where possible, I attempt to present my online persona as an extension of my offline self, attempting to create a balance of social and professional presentation, supported by adequate privacy settings. A trait I believe all online users should adopt.

word count: 310


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